1. Pre-Clean / Inspection

We make every effort to determine your rugs origin. We perform a close inspection of the rug’s foundation, knots, fringe, dye colors, patterns, pile fiber, pile density. Each rug is tested for colorfast prior to determining a cleaning process to prevent color bleeding. Overall condition of the rug, its origin, and construction provides us with the knowledge of which cleaning method to proceed with.

Oriental and Fine Rug Cleaning

4. Cleaning Your Rugs

How We Wash Fine Rugs is Very Important - Immersion cleaning. We immerse the rug completely in a mild solution designed specifically for oriental rugs. This is the most thorough washing available for fine rugs. Not all rugs can be cleaned with this method.Oriental Rug Washing Florida


Rotary Shampoo in combination with Water Extraction. We use Dry Foam on many specialty rugs or rugs with concerns of buckling, dimensional stability, or possible dye bleed.

Dry Foam Shampoo

Mist and Brush. This can be used on rugs with bleeding concerns and as a post cleaning technique.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning. We may use this technique as post cleaning for certain rug fibers.

2. Dusting / Extracting Dirt

Wool is designed by nature to hide insoluble substances such as hair, dust, dirt, sand, fiber and many more substances we call "particulate matter".If not removed, particulate matter will reduce the useful life of your rug.  Harnessing over 25,000 harmonic vibrations a minute, our mechanical rug duster removes harmful particulate matter lodged deep in your rugs fibers.

5. Rinsing Your Rugs

Rinsing your rugs until the water runs clean leaves no sticky residue behind, which makes rug fibers stiff.

Non Professional cleaning leaves behind chemical residue that can lead to fading, discoloration, quick re-soiling, and possible dye bleed.

 Rug Cleaning Ormond Beach


6. Grooming Your Rugs

Each rug is brushed and groomed before being dried. All rugs have a “nap” or "pile" direction. Proper grooming gives your rug the finishing touch it deserves. Rugs with fringes need special attention that we give to all rugs with fringe weaving preceding the drying process.

3. Odor Removal

We check for odors from pets, mold, mildew and damp debris hidden within your rug fibers.

We neutralize the offending odor before cleaning so your rug does not have a chemical reaction. After neutralizing, we remove any trace of the chemical, spot dry with a special cloth and reinspect before cleaning.

Remove Rug Odor

7. Drying Your Rugs

Drying Temperature, humidity, and airflow are critical factors when drying wool rugs. Our Drying Tower allows warm dry air to encircle the entire rug, expediting the process. Some rugs need to be dried flat. We utilize increased air flow in combination with heat and low humidity to accelerate the procedure.


 Rug Cleaning Palm Coast



8. Re-Inspection and Touch Up

The rug washing process is complete once we have determined that all spots and stains that can be removed have been addressed through close examination. Rugs with fringe: Special attention is given to all rugs with fringe during the post cleaning inspection.

Florida Rug Washing's 8 Step Cleaning Ensures a Professional Rug Clean

Carpet Pros understands just how important your rugs are to you. We pamper and take gentle care while maintaining the highest level of clean and freshness possible. If you have concerns or questions about any process we use call us directly.

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